Theatre is an artistic expression that reflects the creator’s private world and the same time reaches out the society. It is a violent antagonism between people, and people with their environment, as well as a process of self-actualization and soul-searching. The creative process trespasses all sorts of limits and discrepancies of understanding and often ends up in a state of ambiguity. The exploration in opposites (such as ego vs alter-ego, noise vs silence, concord vs discord) is only possible if there is a will to move forward and if the time works in your favour. Move on, on and on.

Since 1998, On and On Theatre Workshop has moved on. We have learned and achieved a lot from our explorations:
1998-2001 Early Stage: Educational Theatre
We focused on developing Educational Theatre and successfully introduced the concept and practices of Educational Theatre into local arts scene. Activities include: Generation ID, Y2K Youth Theatre Project, 2000 HK Drama/Theatre and Education Conference and the performance of Natural High, etc.

2001-2004 Transitional Stage: Cattle Depot
On & On moved into Cattle Depot Artist Village in Tokwawan and established the first performance space operated by local performing company – The Cattle Depot Theatre. The Company also shifted its role from an educational theatre group to a producing venue. The venue hosted a variety of performance activities such as “Girls Play”, “i-D Generation: A –Go-Go Weekend Theatre”, Oleanna and Fisher King (commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Festival), etc.

2004 until now Three Ways Development
On & On Theatre Workshop laid down three directions for future development: Venue Operation, Independent Theatre Creation and Theatre Training; and organized “Director Lab”, “Cattle Depot Theatre Season” , “Cultural Exchange Projects” , “Tian Gong Kai Wu : A Practical Guide to Imaginary Inventions” & “In the Solitude of Cotton Fields”

Looking back in the past ten years, we shall continue to use Cattle Depot as our base to embark on more international exchange projects; to host performances from different countries and to establish Cattle Depot to be a platform for dialogue among experimental/cutting-edge theatres from all around the world. We shall also endeavour to attain excellence in both the new creations and the repertoire revivals. On theatre training, we shall focus on the development of professional performers and invite theatre masters to conduct training courses. We shall continue to contribute to the development of local theatre by bringing in more inspiring and stimulating activities.

Artistic Director : Chan Ping Chiu
Progremme Director : Emily Cheng
Administrative Manager : Lotus Chan
Marketing Manager : Olivia Chan
Programme Officer : Becky Wong
Administration Officer : Winnie Fung
So Shuk Man Tina (Chairman)
Ng Chun Hung
Ng Ka Mei Kathleen
Yuen Che Hung
Poon Chan Leung
Leung Man Tao Manuel
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