Play Reading Marathon 2016
For the second time in two years, Play Reading Marathon serves as a gala of exemplary European text. In three consecutive weekends, On & On together with three guest companies, namely, One Pant Production, Macau Experimental Theatre, and Black Bird Theatre present a total of six translated play text from Germany, UK and France in the format of play reading. Part of "Contemporary Writing for Theatre" programme.

Waking Dreams in 1984 (Theatre Production)
Written and Directed by Chan Ping-chiu
Waking Dreams in 1984 was originally written in the 80s when the “Hong Kong future issue” was widely debated. Chan Ping-chiu revisits his past writing and subtly puts it in dialogue with the post-umbrella movement period. An earnest reflection about the previous generation of activists and intellectuals who were entrapped in their lucid dream in the room of “borrowed time, borrowed space”. Closing programme of New Writing Festival 2015-16.




New Writing Lab 2.0
A new season of “New Writing Lab” features two emerging playwrights, Wu King-yeung and Lee Wing-lui. Under the coaching of director Chan Ping-chiu and critic Bernice Chan, the duo participate in a one-year play development project, culminating in a play-reading showcase of their two new plays. It is followed by a seminar where local young playwrights reflect on their creative endeavours and challenges. Part of New Writing Festival 2015-16.

Fragments of Stones and Gold (Theatre Production)
Written and Directed by Vee Leong
Fragments of Stones and Gold was part of New Writing Festival 2015-16. It explores the rhetoric of “survival and success” in a neoliberal society through a monologue of a woman security guard and an ensemble of six actors and a musician. Its vigorous formal experiment is widely recognized. Nominated Best Director at Hong Kong Libre Awards.

Masterclass on Contemporary Theatre: Dramaturgy by Christoph Lepschy
A week-long series of public lecture, workshop-seminar and artistic consultation offered by Prof. Christoph Lepschy from Germany to shed light on contemporary dramaturgy in both theory and practice. Part of New Writing Festival 2015-16; in collaboration with International Workshop Festival of Theatre and Contemporary Performance by West Kowloon Cultural District.

Play Reading Marathon 2015
Play Reading Marathon aims at drawing inspirations from exemplary European text that are unique and pioneering in the narrative form. A showcase in forms of play reading, it offers two consecutive weekends where six play text from Germany and the UK are presented in a festive and easy-going atmosphere. On & On invites three guest companies, namely, Theatre du Pif, The Radiant Theatre, and K.O. The Box to direct the play reading. Part of "Contemporary Writing for Theatre" programme.

Electronic City (Theatre Production)
Written by Falk Richter; Directed by Chan Ping-chiu
A revival of the critically acclaimed work directed by Chan Ping-chiu, the “director’s cut” of Electronic City features a new ensemble of actors with powerful multi-media design that creates such intensity on stage to engage with Falk Richter’s forcible text. Engulfed by the world of technology, isolation and anxiety, the work depicts a dystopic view of the modern souls. Nominated Best Director and Best Performance at Hong Kong Libre Awards.

The Ugly One (Theatre Production)
Written by Marius von Mayenberg; Directed by Weigo Lee
Weigo Lei’s The Ugly One was premiered in 2013. This revival offers a new cast and stage design to add to the text’s compelling black humour and mesmerizing speed. Mayenberg’s story receives worldwide acclaim, revolving around a man who undergoes plastic surgery in search of his individuality.

Magic in Chinese Style (that you all know about) (Theatre Production)
Written by Tang Ching-kin; Directed by Koh Choon-eiow (Malaysia)
The last original play produced by "Contemporary Writing for Theatre" programme. Critic-writer Tang Ching-kin’s stage debut is a highly conceptual work that is built upon a dialectical structure. It offers an intellectual discussion that takes on an ironical, if not critical view on history, the writing of history, and the application of history, in a seemingly “Chinese style”. Guest director Koh Choon-eiow’s witty and sharp staging creates immense physicality to Tang’s text.




The City (UK) (Theatre Production)
Written by Martin Crimp; Directed by Vee Leong
A middle-class family and its neighbourhood living in the aftermath of the economic downturn, three characters fight to make sense of a surreal and collapsing world in this darkly comic mystery written by Martin Crimp.
Postcolonial God of Food (Theatre Production)
Adapted and Directed by Chan Ping-chiu
Postcolonial God of Food is the first stage adaptation of the late Leung Ping-kwan's Postcolonial Affairs of Food and the Heart (2009). The book earned Leung, a veteran writer in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Biennial Award for Literature in 2011.
Composed of various chapters, the novel is built around a group of gourmands living in the east-meets-west style of Hong Kong during 1997 to 2010. The stage adaptation focuses on a post-1997 Hong Kong story retold. Directed by Chan Ping-chiu, the work is an epic-like tableaux of some of the most significant moments in Hong Kong before and after the handover.
A cast of eight performers plays different characters on stage, taking up also the presentational task of story-telling. Together they create a polyphonic choral work, an ode to the memories of Hong Kong; a contemporary epic.
It is nominated for Best Performance and Best Director, Hong Kong Theatre Awards 2015.

2013 International Theatre Conference: New Writing and Theatre of the 21st Century (Conference)
Part of the "Contemporary Writing for Theatre 2012-2014", an international conference was held to encourage exchange between Europe and the Chinese theatre circle. "New Writing and Theatre of the 21st Century" is an experience sharing, research and networking platform for Chinese theatre makers to meet expertise from local and abroad. Alongside the Conference there are also such side events as play reading gala, masterclass, and seminars.
Guest speakers of the Conference include:
Prof. Dan Rebellato (U.K.) - (Head of Department of Theatre and Drama, The University of London, Royal Holloway)
Prof. Lily Yang (Taiwan) - (Renowned Theatre Scholar, Associate Professor, National Tsing Hua University, Taipei)
Lin Gwan-wu (Taiwan) - (Renowned Theatre Scholar, Freie Universität Berlin)
Keng Yi-wei (Taiwan) - (Artistic Director, Taipei Arts Festival)
Cao Ke-fei (Beijing) - (Renowned Beijing-Switzerland Director)

The Ugly One (Germany) (Theatre Production)
Written by Marius von Mayenberg; Directed by Weigo Lei

New Writing Festival 2013 (Curated Project)
And then, I float… (Theatre Production)
Written by Janice Poon, Directed by Lee Chun-chow
My Trembling Ears (Theatre Production)
Written by Cally Yu, Directed by Alex Cheung

Golden Dragon (Germany) (Theatre Production)
Written by Roland Schimmelpfennig; Directed by Chan Ping-chiu

Who Killed the Elephant (China Tour) (Theatre Production)
Written and Directed by Vee Leong
The first original play produced by "Contemporary Writing for Theatre" project, Who Killed the Elephant tours to Shanghai, Beijing (Nanluoguxiang Theatre Festival) and Guangzhou in 2013. Premiered in Hong Kong 2012, it was invited to Taipei Woman's Theatre Festival the same year, and was awarded "Best Performance 2012" by Guling St. Theatre. It attempts to rethink such concepts as discipline, mass, identity, state surveillance and development in relations to the colonial past and (neo-)colonial present of Hong Kong. The work draws inspirations from an essay by George Orwell, Shooting an Elephant (1936) about a British colonial policeman in Burma.


Contemporary Writing for Theatre (2012-2014) (Curated Project)
Supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of HKSAR, On&On Theatre Workshop curates and organizes a large-scale theatre programme, "Contemporary Writing for Theatre" from 2012-2014. It is an integrated art project that combines performance, education, theatre research, script translation and publication to become a sustainable platform to enhance contemporary theatre making in Hong Kong and the Chinese theatre circle.
On&On has been committed to exploring the boundary of theatre making in relation to the changing socio-cultural landscape both locally and globally. One of the company's artistic focuses is how playwriting and contemporary issues inform each other to bring about theatre works that are responsive, relevant, innovative and thought-provoking. Since 2006, the company has presented exemplary European theatre work of this kind, and introduced to the local audience for the first time a wealth of European playwrights iconic of their artistic adventure in the past two decades.
To enhance such endeavour, "Contemporary New Writing for Theatre" aims at creating a stronger platform to gather and share artistic resources, if not vision, from the global contemporary theatre trends. In advocating the vision of New Writing, the two-year programme is to be unfolded in forms of:
Performance – translation and production of European text in the annual New Writing Festival and Play Reading Gala; Research and Translation – an online platform New Writing Archive to produce and compile researched materials on new writings and translation of contemporary European new plays, contents that can be shared among local theatre makers and the public; Audience Building and Education – educational outreach talks, seminars and workshops; and International Theatre Conference – an experience sharing, research and networking platform for Chinese theatre makers to meet expertise from local and abroad.

New Writing Festival 2012 (Curated Project)
Who Killed the Elephant (Theatre Production)
Written and Directed by Vee Leong

Blasted (UK) (Theatre Production)
Written by Sarah Kane; Directed by Lee Chun-chow
Blasted is the first play of Sarah Kane, as one of the most renowned British playwright in the 90s,
The playwright put her characters in an extremely violent and bloody state, where she dig into the strongest and most comprehensive human emotion, and question about the core of love and hate.
In 1995, Harold Pinter wrote to Sarah Kane, saying that her writing was "facing something actual and true and ugly and painful.

Western Xia Hotel (Theatre Production)
Written and Directed by Ryan Yan




17 Scenarios Likely and Unlikely to Happen in 2012 (Theatre Production)
Inspired by Martin Crimp's Attempts on Her Life; Chan Ping-chiu,a playwright and director, creates this new production
There are eleven scenes which seem to be irrelevant but all are telling us the stories about the imagined 'the end of the world'. On 21st Dec 2012, what will happen? Will the Mayan prophecy come true? If not, what story does it intend to convey?
A DJ of an underground radio station tells the story of Marcos; Marco, who is living in the city, leaves for Mayan tribes' village; Mayan tribe builds high-rise luxurious apartment owing to the sales of lands; three playwrights are discussing the plots of a newly produced comedian feature film, which is very similar to Haruki Murakami's '1Q84'; thinking whether there is God in the micro-world; Miss Ay Ay, a live artist, initiates a one year's action which is beyond live art; an ordinary people who is inspired by Zapatista – a Mexican resistance organization; a group of activists break into a high-rise luxurious apartment and abducts the CEO of Mayan property agents and make it as a live broadcast ……
Making use of a variety of theatrical media, such as live broadcast video, live music, installation of a city-like model, to provide multi-angles, the production provides audiences a unique doomsday journey with its signature narrative style. With a tremendous amount of data and imageries, audiences can enjoy a feast of imagination.

A Good Revolution’ (Theatre Production)
Devised by Yan Pat-to, Fee Chan, Ger Choi, Kwok Ka-yuen, Ma Ka-yue, Wong Hin-yan
As the second of the series of the "Devising Theatre", On & On Theatre Workshop presents an experiment on devising, A Good Revolution, with six young creators of cross media in July, 2011.
Six young creators of cross media gather at cattle depot and devise an artistic polymer of theatre, social action, visual art, video, literature, body movement and music, etc. It starts from social concern and social movement as well as take a further step to meditation; nevertheless, it is not the end point. Therefore, 'A Good Revolution' involves various stories: the young man arrested because of protest; on her 20th birthday, a girl who met an old man who could make her wish come true; a young couple traveled to Tibet and met two refugees; a private story of a girl as an activist; an eve before social turmoil; Master Chan Khong's story during the time of Vietnam War; Yam Kong and Master Thich Nhat Hanh's poems; moreover, a birth of a life ……. A Good Revolution contemplates and search for action, calls for spirituality and writes a burning poem of revolution in the deep, dark theatre.

Between Text & Performance 3 -- England at the Moment, Reading Salon (Theatre Production / Curated Project)
Third in the series, the 2011 programme focuses on introducing provoking new writings by young UK playwrights in the form of play reading.

Attempts on Her Life by Martin Crimp (Produced by Theatre du Pif)
Written by Martin Crimp; Directed by Tam Hung-man
Attempts on her Life by Martin Crimp consists of 17 scenarios on a never-seen female character, Anne, who is always absent. 'Anne' is educated, cared, consumed, peeled and slaughtered. This unconventional text reveals how hypocritical globalization and consumerism dominate our understanding on the society and individual fate as well as wear down human relationship. Translated into more than 20 languages, Attempts on her Life has become a classic in New Writing. The director has chosen 7 scenes for this reading.
Sub Reading Performance: The Mother ,an excerpt from Shoot/ Get Treasure/ Repeat--An Epic Cycle of Short Plays
Text: Mark Ravenhill , Director: Tang Ching Kin

The Eleventh Capital by Caryl Churchill
Written by Alexandra Wood; Directed by Vee Leong
Being deeply influenced by Caryl Churchill, the post-80s England young playwright Alexandra Wood presents her surprisingly marvelous work. The play is based on a true story in which Burma decided to move the national capital city. There are totally six scenes and in every scene there are two speakers talking about a senior government official who keeps on sweating and is always absent in the performance. He is reluctant to move to the new capital but he never resists and therefore still enjoys some benefits from the power. The speakers' responses are different: some defy him but some welcome and are benefited from the government's moving to a new capital. Under the power hierarchy, an individual has to sacrifice himself for the sake of the nation. It is never rare to be seen anywhere.
Sub Reading Performance: An excerpt from Drunk Enough to Say I Love You
Text: Caryl Churchill, Director: Yan Pat-to

Lo Yi Jun’s Novel in Theatre’ (Curated Project/ Theatre Production)
Written and directed by Yan Pat-to
Invited by International Writing Workshop of the Hong Kong Baptist University and Hong Kong Literature Museum, On & On Theatre Workshop participated in a production of a crossover of literature and theatre. Yan Pat-to (the director and the script writer), a cross media artist, leads a few young performers to adapt Luo Yi Jun's (a renowned Taiwan writer) novel Western Xia Hotel into a 45-minute theatre work. The protagonist, To Lei Hak , who called himself as the last Western Xia man in the world, checks in Western Xia Hotel which is full of tenants who are going to be slaughtered. In the hotel, he meets an ageless, mysterious Lady Mei Lan, a crowd of unidentified students, his wife who is murdered by him ……..
Luo Yi Jun's novel is having a grand and extensive view. This abridged version conveyed a poetic, a strange and coquettish performance as well. After the show, there was a meet-the-artist session with Luo Yi Jun, Yan Pat-to and some Hong Kong writers after the abridged performance.

Off Ground ’ (Theatre Production)
Devised by Lee Chun-chau, Lau Ming-hang, Tseng Man-tung, Chan Wai-fat
As the first of the series of the "Devising Theatre", On and On Theatre Workshop presents an experiment on devising, Off Ground, with four experienced theatre artists with different expertise in April.
Theatre director and actor – Lee Chun-chau, lighting designer plus pop-up artist – Lau Ming Hang, stage set designer – Tsang Man Tung and musician – Chan Wai Fat together collaborate to strike for the best use of the space for the audience to experience the 'Off Ground' state of mind. In the performance, there are different forms of theatrical elements and improvisation – performance, live music, the form of pop-up story telling and instant musical therapy, etc. Audiences are able to experience magnificent, sad, moving and dazzling theatrical experience.




hamlet b. (Theatre Production)
Written and directed by Chan Ping-chiu
The third stage work in a row since 2008 by Chan Ping-chiu to investigate the rampage of consumer culture, hamlet b. promises to be yet another tour de force to re-think how cultural workers position themselves against the fierce background of the nowadays globalised consumer society—To be or not to be, this IS the question. Co-produced by On and On Theatre Workshop from Hong Kong and Mobius Strip Theatre from Taipei, the work, based on German playwright Heiner Mueller's mind-bending The Hamletmachine, creates a dialogue between the famous postmodern text of the 70s and the present times. It combines the use of monologues, prose recitals, movements and videos to create multi-layered narratives. The work toured Hong Kong and Guangzhou following its premiere in Taipei.

Between Text & Performance2 (Theatre Production / Curated Project)
Second in the series, the 2010 programme presents exemplary new writings from the UK and Germany in the form of play reading.

The Ugly One
Written by Marius von Mayenburg; Directed by Chan Ping-chiu
The Ugly One by Marius von Mayenburg took the German theatre by storm with its premiere, and soon became a popular play in Europe. It offers a critical viewpoint to look at self-identity. Four performers play eight roles with the same face but different identities, weaving a complicated network of relationships ever appeared in modern living.

A Number
Written by Caryl Churchill, Directed by Yan Pat-to
On&On presents another play by English playwright Caryl Churchill after Far Away. A Number addresses the subject of human cloning, identity, and nature versus nurture. The story, set in the near future, is structured around the conflict between a father (Salter) and his sons (Bernard 1, Bernard 2, and Michael Black) – two of whom are clones of the first.

The Young Hunger Artist k (Theatre Production)
Written by Tung Kai-cheung; Directed by Indy Lee
The Young Hunger Artist k brings Franz Kafka's A Hunger Artist to the contemporary and explores what art and hunger mean to the people nowadays. Written by renowned writer Tung Kai-cheung, the work serves as a timely response to the social situations in Hong Kong.

Between Text & Performance (Theatre Production / Curated Project)
On & On continues to presents exemplary new European writings of the 21st century. Three plays from the UK and Germany, all written around 2000, are selected for their intensity and considerable impact.On & On continues to presents exemplary new European writings of the 21st century. Three plays from the UK and Germany, all written around 2000, are selected for their intensity and considerable impact.

Knives in Hens by David Harrower (Produced by Theatre du Pif)
Written by David Harrower; Produced by Theatre du Pif
Set in a god-fearing, pre-industrial community, a young woman comes to terms with an ancient hatred, an unexpected betrayal, and a growing sense of her place in the world. Part psychological drama part allegory Knives in Hens is a primal story, elemental and mystical about fear and hate, innocence and evil.

Far Away
Written by Caryl Churchill; Directted Vee Leong
Caryl Churchill is an acclaimed English dramatist known for her astute and unyielding writings in condemning belligerence, abuse of power, and violence in human nature. Written in 2000, Far Away is a spellbinding fable which exposes the faces of brutality in nowadays societies. Told in a spare style of language and with an apocalyptic undertone, the play portrayed an unhinged world that bears dreadful resemblance to the disputes and disasters broke out in recent years over the world.

God is a DJ
Written by Falk Richter; Directed Chan Chi-wah
A professional DJ meets a former trash-TV presenter and they start to make their own reality shows in a bedroom. Since 2006, Falk Richter has been the director-in-residence at the Schaubuhne, Berlin. His subjects range from the lost identities of the people and their inability to communicate by loneliness and isolation of the confused world of media, to war and politics. God is a DJ offers a fierce commentary to the mediatization of everyday life nowadays.



My Favourite Time (Theatre Production)
Written and directed by Chan Ping-chiu
The second in the series by Chan Ping-chiu to probe into cultural consumerism after Hamletmaxhine. Based on two actual events happened in Hong Kong in 2009, namely, the outburst of H1N1 epidemic and the true story of a 15-year-old girl who started her business in the so-called "cultural industry", My Favourite Time offers a world of both imagined reality and the very reality in question.

3 Sisters (Cattle Depot Theatre Season / Cultural Exchange Projects)
Produced by Pappa TARAHUMARA
Contemporary dance-theatre company, Pappa TARAHUMARA, adapts Anton Chekov's literary classic to the context of the Japanese countryside in the 1960s. Its seemingly sweet portrayal of three bored sisters grappling with womanhood spirals into a sensual and charged meditation on female identity, coming-of-age and the Japanese obsession with youth culture. This eccentric comic tragedy, narrated through a dynamic choreography, is a powerfully condensed alternative to the company's larger-scale multi-disciplinary works.

Sidekick Theatre Festival (Curated Project)
A platform for theatre professionals to team up organically (at least three to make up a team), develop collaborations, exchange ideas and explore new approaches in making theatre work! In five consecutive weeks, five selected teams present their new works in the spirit of experimental theatre. This one-of-a-kind festival was critically acclaimed for its boldness and vision.

Oleanna (Cattle Depot Theatre Season)
Written by David Mamet; Directed by Chan Ping-chiu and Emily Cheng
Chan Ping-chiu and Emily Cheng co-direct David Mamet's breath-taking play for the second time after its acclaimed first run in 2003. This time, the performance incorporates the form of "Theatre Forum" during which the audience can express their opinion and together discuss the issues raised in the play.



In the Solitude of Cotton Fields (Theatre Production)
Written by Bernard-Maries Koltes; Directed by Chan Ping-chiu
An adaptation of one of the masterpieces by French playwright Bernard-Maries Koltes, In the Solitude of Cotton Fields tells the mystifying relationship between a dealer and his client. Captivated by the ambiance built upon the ingenious orchestration of director Chan Ping-chiu, the audience is riveted as they enter the world of intriguing human interactions between a cohort of six veteran performers from Hong Kong and Taiwan.
The performance is commissioned by the New Vision Arts Festival 2008.

Dramas of Princess: Death and the Maiden I-V (Cattle Depot Theatre Season)
Written by Elfriede Jelinek; Devised by Anna Cheng, Fung Ching-ching, Melissa Leung and Janice Poon
Nobel Prize laureate Elfriede Jelinek's compelling philosophical quest Death and the Maiden makes its first-time appearance in the Chinese speaking theatre. Devised by Anna Cheng, Fung Ching-ching, Melissa Leung and Janice Poon, the prose-like narrative probes into the destiny of famous figures such as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty in form of an internal debate of woman consciousness.

Rat, Revenge and Sword (Cattle Depot Theatre Season)
Written by Poon Wai-sum; Directed by Chan Ping-chiu
A classical work by Chinese literary guru Lu Xun in 1926 has been widely performed but never is such an adaptation as wild, cartoonic and satirical as the one by veteran playwright Paul Poon Wai-sum and director Chan Ping-chiu. Half costume drama and half modern translation, Rat, Revenge and Sword mixes classical poems with colloquial slang, martial arts with exaggerated steps, to an extent that the sublime is even further sublimated into a post-modern slapstick that celebrates the power of open text.

Hamletmaxchine (Theatre Production)
Written by Chan Ping-chiu and Lung Man-hong; Co-directed by Alex Cheung and Faye Leong,
Lauded as one of the exemplars of postmodernist drama, Heiner Muller's Hamlet Machine is to converse with a fanatical tale about a Hong Kong theatre superstar "Hamlet" in this idiosyncratic multi-spatial dialogue between the entertainer and the entertained. With strong local touch and sharp wit of experiment, HAMLETmaxhine is a timely debate in response to the big bang of cultural industry in the new century Hong Kong.

Musicality and Cheironomia (Ancient Greek Art of Gesture) (Theatre Training)
For the first time in Hong Kong, local actors and audiences were given the opportunity to come to a closer encounter with Gardzienice, Centre for Theatre Practices in Poland, and its Artistic Director Wlodzimierz Staniewski, in “Cultural Interchange: Acting Master Visiting HK”. Being one of the world's premier experimental theatre companies and masters, the group and Staniewsi conducted open lecture, master class and public presentation in the Cattle Depot Theatre, focusing the whole of Gardzience's activity in the fields of art, anthropology and ecology, as well as the studies and method of work on Ancient Greek theatre and music. A seminar by theatre practitioners from Hong Kong and Taiwan that followed continued the discussion about the application of western theatre training in the Asian context.



No Significant Abnormality Detected (Re-run) (Cattle Depot Theatre Season)
Following the success of The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, director Chan Ping-chiu creates another seminal work on what is “normal” and "abnormal". Blending dreamy and surreal life fragments into a poetic kaleidoscope of mind, this strangely compelling story was inspired by the classical work Madness and Civilization by contemporary French philosopher Michel Foucault and the short story Sleep by Japanese novelist Murakami Haruki.

Cultural Interchange : Acting Master Visiting HK (Theatre Training)
A month-long theatre training workshop led by renowned Australian director and facilitator Robert Draffin filled the Cattle Depot Theatre with promising local performers in search of development and refinement of performing skills. With almost four decades of creative experience, Draffin came to On and On Theatre Workshop in 2007 after his successful residency in Shanghai. He conducted a comprehensive and intensive workshop series which focused on the foundation practices, conceptual practices and poetic research practices of performers, culminating in a showcase of Ted Hughes' Oedipus by members of the workshop, including open rehearsals and presentations .

The Diary of Seducer(Taiwan) (Cultural Exchange Project)
Written and directed by Taiwan’s very talented theater oddball Wang Jia-ming, The Diary of Seducer is inspired by Soren Kierkegard’s novel. The ravishing delivery of a repertoire of five local performers is indeed a cultural dialogue pleasurable to watch.

The Myth of Archaeology Birds: The Vanished Wings (Theatre Production)
A revival of Fly! Archaeology Bird, Fly! staged a decade ago takes an even closer look at the mindscape of Hong Kong people after 1997. Ten years ago, Fly! Archaeology Bird, Fly! drew an unforgettable depiction of the love, hate and fear of Hong Kong people amidst the turmoil of identity crisis. As an alternative “celebration” of the ten-year anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China, director Chan Ping-chiu re-visits and re-examines these emotions in The Vanished Wings and acutely picks up more social phenomenon and new critiques as he saw the city cuddle up to its mother in the past decade.

Tian Gong Kai Wu : The Story behind our Family Objects (Youth / Education)
For the second time in five years, On&On has been commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival in the making of an educational theatre programme. “Tian Gong Kai Wu: The Story behind our Family Objects” was the extension project of the On&On Arts Festival performance Tian Gong Kai Wu: A Practical Guide to Imaginary Inventions; both of them were based upon the seminal work of the same name by local writer Tung Kai-cheung. In similar quest, the participating young people and the theatre artists, on the two different platforms of workshops and the stage respectively, derived stories from family history and the transformation of objects. For the young, they benefited from artist-led workshops about theatre, photography and installation art, and developed their sensitivity and observations about the delicacy of materials and belongings, and the subtlety of human relationships. Their endeavours culminated in an exhibition and a performance presentation.

Tian Gong Kai Wu: A Practical Guide to Imaginary Inventions (Theatre Production)
A family saga of the three generations of a family living in Hong Kong is juxtaposed with the transformation of everyday objects—TVs, radios and telephones, etc.—undergo over time. This adaptation of seasoned local writer Dung Kai-cheung’s award-winning novel Tian Gong Kai Wu, Xu Xu Ru Zhen exhibits how humans and objects co-exist, survive and perish in the course of history, serving as the provocative enquiry into the plight of a city called "V" long disconnected with time.
The performance is commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Festival.





A Tribute to Sarah Kane : 4.48 Psychosis , Crave (Cattle Depot Theatre Season)
For the first time in Hong Kong, theater lovers are being introduced to the late Sarah Kane and the in-ye-face theatre flourishing in the UK, in this showcase that features two seminal works by the British playwright. Crave and 4.48 Psychosis exhibit the essence of Kane’s poetic intensity in the use of language and theatrical form in exploring the utmost violence of human desires. Crave is translated, devised and performed by Anna Cheng, Fung Ching-ching, Melissa Leung and Janice Poon. Director Alex Cheung, on the other hand, works with Mandy Yim, Emily Cheng and Estella Wong in 4.48 Psychosis.

A Tribute to Beckett: Aperture Diving (Taiwan) (Cattle Depot Theatre Season / Cultural Exchange Projects)
An uncompromising experiment by Taiwan troupe M.O.V.E based on Samuel Beckett’s Play, putting the complexity and absurdity of human life under extreme exposure. A corresponding programme of “A Tribute to Beckett”.

i-D generation: Cosmo X (Youth / Education)
Cosmo X is On&On’s yet another theatre work full of youthful vigour and enthusiasm. Written by veteran writer Tung Kai-cheung and co-directed by Faye Leong and Alex Cheung, Cosmo X drew together more than 30 young people and seasoned performers in this riveting work inspired by the fictions of Italian writer Italo Calvino. In a cocktail of science and literature, theories of science and philosophies of love, the virtual and the real, this multimedia feast exhibited a colourful picture of how young people embrace life. The programme was a commissioned work in International Arts Carnival by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

The Action of K (Cattle Depot Theatre Season)
Inspired by the fiction The Virgin Fish of Babughat by Lokennath Bharttacharya, director Steven Pang explores Buddhism concepts in a mesmerizing chasm in which six characters of no identity are confined in a space and entrapped by the confrontation with their own self, leading to perhaps an imprisonment of mind or enlightenment in life…

Johnny Walker (Cattle Depot Theatre Season)
Playwright Paul Poon Wai-sum’s anecdotal addendum to his own work The Massage King is inspired by the cross-border experiences which is uniquely painstaking for Hong Kong people after 1997. A story of two men juxtaposing the recital of story by the playwright himself adds even stronger intertextuality in this very amusing work.

No Significant Abnormality Detected (Cattle Depot Theatre Season)
Following the success of The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, director Chan Ping-chiu creates another seminal work on what is “normal” and “abnormal”. Blending dreamy and surreal life fragments into a poetic kaleidoscope of mind, this strangely compelling story was inspired by the classical work Madness and Civilization by contemporary French philosopher Michel Foucault and the short story Sleep by Japanese novelist Murakami Haruki.



Theatre Explorers' Series: La La (Curated Project)
Playback theatre practitioner Tomcatt turns to experimental theatre to tell a story about a father and a daughter. The chinese title “Liao Liao” (了了) suggests both the arrival of understanding and an end, the two outcomes of a family relationship being brought about by the very fact of life: death.

Dante's Devine Comedy (Cultural Exchange Projects)
333 Dante Soup gathers the gems of the contemporary Asian theatre—seasoned directors Chan Ping-chiu, Wei Yin-chuan and Sato Kashow from Hong Kong, Taipei and Osaka respectively; plus eight eminent performers from the three cities—in the making of this creative interpretation based on Dante’s Divina Commedia. The work is the result of a one-year collaboration between the repertories of the three directors who take the themes of “Inferno”, “Purgatorio” and “Paradiso” in Dante’s classic and create an entrancing smorgasbord of multimedia excitement.

A Tribute to Beckett: Directors' Salon (Cattle Depot Theatre Season)
A Beckett centenary showcase in celebration of the master’s 100th birthday. Five directors gather in a salon of workshops, seminars and presentation gala to share their fruits of collaboration and experiments in terms of how to transgress the boundary of language—in Beckett style.

Directors'’Lab (Cattle Depot Theatre Season)
Directors’ Lab aims at providing a platform for local directors to exchange experience and to learn from each other. Taking the theme of “In Search of the Narrative Language”, the project consists of talks, seminars, critic’s talks, questionnaire, workshops and presentations, focusing on the diversity of theatre elements and styles, and the spirit of experiment and exploration. In the six rounds of the Lab, 14 theatre directors of different generations work in pairs or in different formats and present their collaborative works in the final presentation showcase
My Dinner with Andre, directed by Chan Ping-chiu
Angel Club, directed by Steven Pang
Desiring Samsara, collaborated by Tang Shu-wing and Hui Shu-ning
Houdini's Box, collaborated by Bonni Chan, Sean Curran and Lee Chun-chow
The Notebook, directed by Lotus Chan Wai-yee
The Proof, directed by Hueng Bee Wei
The Third Lie, directed by Yip Man-wah and Janet Chan

The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat (Theatre Production)
Director Chan Ping-chiu examines the themes of trauma and recompense with this theatre adaptation of Oliver Sack’s novel The Man Who Mistook His Wife for A Hat. A primary teacher is diagnosed with Prosopagnosia and mistakes things and people in his life for something or someone else. In an eccentric world of signs and symbols, the man reconnects with reality by using his senses other than visual perception. A black comedy of witty comments on the bleak world of absurdity.



Bilateral Cultural Exchange Project: On & On with Theatre Training & Research Programme (Singapore) (Curated Project / Cultural Exchange Projects)
Theatre Training & Research Programme (TTRP) in Singapore, founded by the late Kuo Pao-kun and Mr. T. Sasitharan in 2000, is a pioneer in intercultural theatre training. The bilateral cultural exchange between the school and On & On facilitates collaboration of the two organizations in theatre training and research.
TTRP in Hong Kong: TTRP celebrates the school’s achievement by bringing five unique pieces conceived and performed by its first graduating students of acting to Hong Kong in the showcase “I Perform”, displaying young force of inspiration and commitment to theatre arts. Accompanying programmes include seminars and workshops by the Dean and instructors of TTRP about the theories and practices of Asian traditional and contemporary theatre training.
On & On in Singapore: Reciprocally, On & On shares their unique views on theatre aesthetics with the Singaporean audience by staging Fisher King 3 – Awakening in the lion city. Artistic Director Chan Ping-chiu also holds a seminar entitled “My Artistic Pursuit”.

Fisher King 3 - Awakening (Theatre Production)
On & On’s signature project “Fisher King” travels to Singapore under a bilateral cultural exchange project with Theatre Training and Research Programme (TTRP) and revisits the fairy tale about trauma and pain.

i-D generation: Live Expo (Youth / Education)
In a continuous effort, the i-D Generation subsequent to “What an Idea?!” focused once again on the relationship between art and the everyday. Under four themes of virtual life, eating, living and transportation, workshops, proposal recruitment and an exhibition were organised to promote “living art”. Life Expo encouraged the public to express their ideas towards their lives through art, and immerse art into their practices of the everyday life. The programme celebrated forms of expressions which were direct, minimal, inexpensive, free from rules, and most importantly, personal. A day camp for secondary students was introduced for the first time, with topics of discussion such as the influence of the Internet on people’s ways of living. The programme was organised under the Artist-in-Residence Scheme of the Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre.

Theatre Explorers' Series: Seven Deadly Kisses (Curated Project)
The first of the Theatre Explorers’ Series is an adaptation of Brecht’s Seven Deadly Sins of the Petite Bourgeois in relation to the situation of Hong Kong after 1997. Directed by Fung Ching-ching and Eno Yim.

Fisher King 'N Handless Maiden (Theatre Production)
“There is no way for you to understand if you had not been ill; there is no way for you to imagine if you had not any wounds.” An exotic story about a man and a woman in a time and place unknown unveils the myth of trauma and pain. Video, music, puppetry and installation art are weaved into an iconoclastic multimedia performance that touches the fragility of human feelings and desires. Conceived and performed by Chan Ping-chiu and Emily Cheng; co-directed by Lee Chun-chau, with site-specific installation by visual artist Ricky Yeung.
The performance is commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Festival and presented by Macau Cultural Centre in the same year.

Theatre Explorers' Series: The descendants of Eunuch Admiral (Curated Project)
TTRP graduate Walter Leung directs one of the masterpieces by renowned Singapore playwright Kuo Pao-kun, exploring the life of Zheng He, a eunuch admiral of the Ming Dynasty famous for his seven expeditions to the “Western Ocean”.





TRA-P-ART a multimedia movement theatre - Hoichiu (Curated Project)
A multimedia and physical theatre by Hoichiu puts the entanglement of desires and relationships into the limelight. Taking the symbols of insects as his point of departure, Hoichiu orchestrates a cohort of highly physical performers to explore the vulnerability of relationships and existence, drawing an analogy between human beings and insects, both in captivity of their own plight.

Oleanna (Theatre Production)
David Mamet’s breath-taking play ignites a storm of debate when co-director Chan Ping-chiu and Carmen Lo stage this well-crafted for the first time in Hong Kong where the value of education and the educational reform have always been a problematic issue.

Girls' Play - The Second Woman Theatre Festival (Curated Project)
Following the success of the inaugural festival in 2001, the bi-annual Girl Play that celebrates woman art arrives at the Cattle Depot in 2003, speaking for herself on an even larger stage which gathers nearly 20 female artists. Co-organised by the Hong Kong Arts Centre.



He & She (Theatre Production)
A stage experiment in an attempt to question the meaning of trauma and pain, the incompleteness of life and the essence of desire. Conceived and performed by Chan Ping-chiu and Emily Cheng; leading to the development of the “Fisher King 'N Handless Maiden” creative series that becomes a signature programme of On & On in subsequent years.

i-D generation: What An Idea?! (Youth / Education)
The fifth i-D Generation promoted the immersion of art in the everyday life--or vice versa. The programme recruited 30 proposals from the public which displayed a high degree of originality and a touch of the everyday life. The entrants drew art from daily mundane matters; created and exhibited their works through videos, installations, performances, etc. Some of them also used non-art forms such as schedule planning, diary, photo album, study plan, social action, trip, sports and entertainment. From sleeping, enjoying a gourmet meal, to critique of public space, the works originated from personal stories and were enriched by the makers’ everyday lived experience. The belief behind “What an Idea?!” was that creativity comes from our lives. The programme was organised under the Artist-in-Residence Scheme of the Sheung Wan Civic Centre.

Theatre To Be Concerned Festival (Curated Project)
The first theatre festival organised at the On & On Theatre (now the Cattle Depot Theatre) is a youth theatre programme that features works selected by the participants among themselves--The ten groups of entrants from different backgrounds exhibited their artistic endeavours in pursuit of their dreams. The programme also includes a workshop series.



i-D generation: A Go-Go Weekend Theatre (Youth / Education)
The fourth i-D Generation went beyond the performance space and set foot in the community. Over a period of four months, the programme offered 24 outdoor performances, one environmental theatre, an exhibition and a series of seminars and workshops to a wide audience. As the Community Ambassador Programme of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Theatre A Go-Go drew a dozen of performers together; in eight “carnival floats” they travelled around 13 outdoor venues to perform parade, puppet, drama, music improvisation and mobile installation art. The programme culminated in a one-day site-specific performance and installation art exhibition in Sheung Wan for people to learn about the neighbourhood’s unique architectural design, myths and folklores in the old days, and its design of social space in the present times.

Beautiful Teens (Cultural Exchange Projects)
Beautiful Teens gathers a group of On & On’s stalwarts who started their artistic expedition since joining the troupe’s youth theatre programme when they were young. Taiwan director Chen Mai-mou spearheads this very spirited and playful performance based on a fictional character in Jin Rong’s novel The Deer and the Cauldron.

i-D generation: Natural High (Youth / Education)
The third “i-D Generation” was a theatre performance commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival. Based on the story of Dionysius in the Greek tragedy in which Dionysius celebrates hedonism whereas demands discipline and order, the work explores the modern translation of the clash of the two principals by the young generation in the 21st century. How to live in a natural and hyper way? This is the question for the youth. In three stages of topic research, video workshop, field trips, rehearsals and final performance, the young people got to understand more about sentiments and emotions, collective and individual, in the re-making of the Greek epic. i-D Generation—Natural High is regarded as one of the most important works of Hong Kong youth theatre in recent years.





i-D generation: I Love Hei WU Lei (Youth / Education)
Entering its second year, “i-D Generation” invited video artist Yau Ching, illustrator Lily Lau, social activist Leung Kwok-hung, veteran actor Anthony Wong and sociologist Dr. Ng Chun-hung to host workshops and share with our young participants their unique experience of social actions and artist endeavours. The programme aimed at inviting the youngsters to re-discover their true self and explore the relationship between them and the society. In six groups, the young people made use of different creative media to research, design, question and exhibit, culminating in their contemplation about “being different”.



One Day I See it In the Sky (Youth / Education)



i-D generation: The Daring Artistic Creature (Youth / Education)
The inaugural “i-D Generation” started in 1998—some 50 young people participated in a series of workshops in “i-D兒女──前進進藝術新人類” to learn about how to express oneself in forms of theatre arts, music, video, installation art and movement. The programme culminated in a forum and showcase during which the youngsters shared and discussed their point-of-views about life with the others. The theme of the programme focused on the identity issue of the younger generation nowadays, aiming at encouraging young people to explore their true feelings and values, and enhancing their understanding of oneself, the others, and the environment. From personal image to the philosophy of love, topics derived from the everyday life became the source of inspiration for the young creative minds. The programme was organised under the Artist-in-Residence Scheme of the then Urban Council.