About the Theatre
Cattle Depot Theatre is one of the art units in the Cattle Depot Artist Village,located in the traditional domestic neighbourhood of Tokwawan. A cattle quarantine depot left to lie derelict, the site is in fact a heritage with high historical value. On and On Theatre Workshop, together with several other art groups and artists, moved into the Depot in 2001 and gradually turned the place from a no man’s land--coined as “Niu Pang” by its neighbours--into a dynamic artist village of diversity. An independent black box theatre, Cattle Depot Theatre, came into being in 2004 under the initiative of On and On, which has been operating it since.
In ceaseless exploration of the realm of theatre arts, it is the desirable address for artists and audiences with an open mind, independent and adventurous spirit, and concerns for the society and communities. It stands firmly on an ever-expanding frontier of theater arts instead of setting foot in the market place. It is where people celebrate simplicity and idiosyncrasies, and embrace the pioneering visions for the arts and the new times.
A venue of unique character, Cattle Depot Theatre is a highly flexible space which can be customized to different needs. The space has been used for theatre performances, concerts, fashion shows, screenings, seminars, workshops, rehearsals and auditions.
2000 sq. ft
Contol panel, lighting and sound equipment, projector, air-conditioning
Seating capacity is 60-80; for concerts it can be up to 100 (depending on the size of the stage used)