Ballads of expulsion


The Hong Kong-Taiwan collaboration project Ballads of Expulsion has been ongoing for over a year, curated by dramaturg Betty Chen (Taiwan) and director Vee Leong (Hong Kong), with theatrical and music creator Wong Hin-yan (Hong Kong) and Snow Huang (Taiwan) as playwrights working in a common framework and broad narrative form, have illustrated a common nowadays phenomenon  - “expulsion”, describing a kind of power, or a description of state, in the three levels of cultural life, political economy and natural phenomena, where people are being excluded or homogenized, individually or collectively.

Date: 25-31/3/2019

Venue: Cattle Depot Theatre

Curator & Director: Vee Leong

Playwright: Wong Hin Yan, Snow Huang (Taiwan)

Dramaturge: Betty Chen (Taiwan)

Performer: Ceci Chan, Jim Hui, Tang Yu Ting Adam, Han Mei

photo: Eric Hong