A Fork In the Road

Copy of 《放逐》(2019)

Cutting-edge playwright and director Fong Ki Tuen experiments the use of “Language” and “Text” in A fork in the road, depicting Hong Kong's past and present and telling the different experience, desire and pursuit of each generation. Speaking the unspeakable emotions through each character’s unique texture. And starting from each individual's daily life, the past and the present are presented in a style of crisscrossing monologue, reflecting the era of Hong Kong.

Date: 9-19/10/2019

Venue: Cattle Depot Theatre

Playwright & Director: Fong Ki Tuen

Dramaturge: Vee Leong

Performer: Chan Wing-chuen, Ceci Ng, Sung Boon Ho, Melissa Leung, Leung Ho Pong, Lau Hiu Wa

photo: hongnin.