Cosmo X


Cosmo X is On&On’s yet another theatre work full of youthful vigour and enthusiasm. Written by veteran writer Dung Kai-cheung and co-directed by Faye Leong and Alex Cheung, Cosmo X drew together more than 30 young people and seasoned performers in this riveting work inspired by the fictions of Italian writer Italo Calvino. In a cocktail of science and literature, theories of science and philosophies of love, the virtual and the real, this multimedia feast exhibited a colourful picture of how young people embrace life. The programme was a commissioned work in International Arts Carnival by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Date: 11-13/8/2006

Venue: Studio Theatre, Culture Centre

Playwright: Dung Kai-cheung

Directors: Faye Leong and Alex Cheung