The Myth of Archaeology Birds: The Vanished Wings


A revival of Fly! Archaeology Bird, Fly! staged a decade ago takes an even closer look at the mindscape of Hong Kong people after 1997. Ten years ago, Fly! Archaeology Bird, Fly! drew an unforgettable depiction of the love, hate and fear of Hong Kong people amidst the turmoil of identity crisis. As an alternative “celebration” of the ten-year anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China, director Chan Ping-chiu re-visits and re-examines these emotions in The Vanished Wings and acutely picks up more social phenomenon and new critiques as he saw the city cuddle up to its mother in the past decade.

Date: 29/6-2/7/2007

Venue: Studio Theatre, Cultural Centre

Playwright: Chan Ping-chiu

Directors: Chan Ping-chiu and Alex Cheung

photo: Yuen Hon-wai