Tian Gong Kai Wu: A Practical Guide to Imaginary Inventions


A family saga of the three generations of a family living in Hong Kong is juxtaposed with the transformation of everyday objects — TVs, radios and telephones, etc.. This adaptation of seasoned local writer Dung Kai-cheung’s award-winning novel Tian Gong Kai Wu: Xu Xu Ru Zhen exhibits how humans and objects co-exist, survive and perish in the course of history, serving as the provocative enquiry into the plight of a city called "V" long disconnected with time.

The performance is commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Festival.

Date: 5-7/3, 9-11/3/2007

Venue: Drama Theatre, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Playwright and Director: Chan Ping-chiu

Original Story and Playwright: Dung kai-cheung

photo: Yuen Hon-wai