17 Scenarios Likely and Unlikely to Happen in 2012 (Phase 1)


Inspired by Martin Crimp's Attempts on Her Life; Chan Ping-chiu, a playwright and director, creates this new production.

There are seventeen scenes which seem to be irrelevant but all are telling us the stories about the imagined 'the end of the world'. On 21st Dec 2012, what will happen? Will the Mayan prophecy come true? If not, what story does it intend to convey?

A DJ of an underground radio station tells the story of Marcos; Marco, who is living in the city, leaves for Mayan tribes' village; Mayan tribe builds high-rise luxurious apartment owing to the sales of lands; three playwrights are discussing the plots of a newly produced comedian feature film, which is very similar to Haruki Murakami's 1Q84; thinking whether there is God in the micro-world; Miss Ay Ay, a live artist, initiates a one year's action which is beyond live art; an ordinary people who is inspired by Zapatista – a Mexican resistance organization; a group of activists break into a high-rise luxurious apartment and abducts the CEO of Mayan property agents and make it as a live broadcast ……

Making use of a variety of theatrical media, such as live broadcast video, live music, installation of a city-like model, to provide multi-angles, the production provides audiences a unique doomsday journey with its signature narrative style. With a tremendous amount of data and imageries, audiences can enjoy a feast of imagination.

Date: 17-22/11/2011

Venue: Cattle Depot Theatre

Director: Chan Ping-chiu

photo: Cheung Chi-wai