A Good Revolution


As the second of the series of the "Devising Theatre", On & On Theatre Workshop presents an experiment on devising, A Good Revolution, with six young creators of cross media in July, 2011.

Six young creators of cross-media gather at cattle depot and devise an artistic polymer of theatre, social action, visual art, video, literature, body movement and music, etc. It starts from social concern and social movement as well as take a further step to meditation; nevertheless, it is not the end point. Therefore, A Good Revolution involves various stories: the young man arrested because of protest; on her 20th birthday, a girl who met an old man who could make her wish come true; a young couple traveled to Tibet and met two refugees; a private story of a girl as an activist; an eve before social turmoil; Master Chan Khong's story during the time of Vietnam War; Yam Kong and Master Thich Nhat Hanh's poems; moreover, a birth of a life ……. A Good Revolution contemplates and search for action, calls for spirituality and writes a burning poem of revolution in the deep, dark theatre.

Date: 15-17/7/2011

Venue: Cattle Depot Theatre

Curator: Chan Ping-chiu