Reading - Attempts on Her Life / The Eleventh Capital


Attempts on Her Life (Produced by Theatre du Pif)

Written by Martin Crimp; Directed by Tam Hung-man

Attempts on her Life by Martin Crimp consists of 17 scenarios on a never-seen female character, Anne, who is always absent. 'Anne' is educated, cared, consumed, peeled and slaughtered. This unconventional text reveals how hypocritical globalization and consumerism dominate our understanding on the society and individual fate as well as wear down human relationship. Translated into more than 20 languages, Attempts on her Life has become a classic in New Writing. The director has chosen 7 scenes for this reading.

The Eleventh Capital

Written by Alexandra Wood; Directed by Vee Leong

Being deeply influenced by Caryl Churchill, the post-80s England young playwright Alexandra Wood presents her surprisingly marvelous work. The play is based on a true story in which Burma decided to move the national capital city. There are totally six scenes and in every scene there are two speakers talking about a senior government official who keeps on sweating and is always absent in the performance. He is reluctant to move to the new capital but he never resists and therefore still enjoys some benefits from the power. The speakers' responses are different: some defy him but some welcome and are benefited from the government's moving to a new capital. Under the power hierarchy, an individual has to sacrifice himself for the sake of the nation. It is never rare to be seen anywhere.

Date: 21-22/5, 28-29/5/2011

Venue: Cattle Depot Theatre