Off Ground


As the first of the series of the "Devising Theatre", On and On Theatre Workshop presents an experiment on devising, Off Ground, with four experienced theatre artists with different expertise in April.

Theatre director and actor – Lee Chun-chau, lighting designer plus pop-up artist – Lau Ming Hang, stage set designer – Tsang Man Tung and musician – Chan Wai Fat together collaborate to strike for the best use of the space for the audience to experience the “off-ground” state of mind. In the performance, there are different forms of theatrical elements and improvisation – performance, live music, the form of pop-up story telling and instant musical therapy, etc. Audiences are able to experience magnificent, sad, moving and dazzling theatrical experience.

Date: 8-10/4/2011

Venue: Cattle Depot Theatre

Devised by Lee Chun-chau, Lau Ming-hang, Tseng Man-tung, Chan Wai-fat