Lo Yi Jun’s Novel in Theatre - Western Xia Hotel


Invited by International Writing Workshop of the Hong Kong Baptist University and Hong Kong Literature Museum, On & On Theatre Workshop participated in a production of a crossover of literature and theatre. Yan Pat-to (the director and the script writer), a cross media artist, leads a few young performers to adapt Luo Yi Jun's (a renowned Taiwan writer) novel Western Xia Hotel into a 45-minute theatre work. The protagonist, To Lei Hak , who called himself as the last Western Xia man in the world, checks in Western Xia Hotel which is full of tenants who are going to be slaughtered. In the hotel, he meets an ageless, mysterious Lady Mei Lan, a crowd of unidentified students, his wife who is murdered by him ……..

Luo Yi Jun's novel is having a grand and extensive view. This abridged version conveyed a poetic, a strange and coquettish performance as well. After the show, there was a meet-the-artist session with Luo Yi Jun, Yan Pat-to and some Hong Kong writers after the abridged performance.

Date: 30/4/2011

Venue: Cattle Depot Theatre

Adapted and Directed by Yan Pat-to