hamlet b.


The third stage work in a row since 2008 by Chan Ping-chiu to investigate the rampage of consumer culture, hamlet b. promises to be yet another tour de force to re-think how cultural workers position themselves against the fierce background of the nowadays globalised consumer society—To be or not to be, this IS the question. Co-produced by On and On Theatre Workshop from Hong Kong and Mobius Strip Theatre from Taipei, the work, based on German playwright Heiner Mueller's mind-bending The Hamletmachine, creates a dialogue between the famous postmodern text of the 70s and the present times. It combines the use of monologues, prose recitals, movements and videos to create multi-layered narratives. The work toured Hong Kong and Guangzhou following its premiere in Taipei.

Date: 26-28/11/2010

Venue: Experimental Theater, National Theater & Concert Hall (Taipei)

Date: 9-12/12/2010

Venue: Cattle Depot Theatre (Hong Kong)

Date: 17-19/12/2010

Venue: Guangdong Modern Dance Company (Guangzhou)

Director: Chan Ping-chiu

photo: RoHsuan Chen (Taiwan) / Yuen Hon-wai (HK / Guong Zhou)