Far Away / God is a DJ


Far Away

Written by Caryl Churchill; Directed by Vee Leong

Caryl Churchill is an acclaimed English dramatist known for her astute and unyielding writings in condemning belligerence, abuse of power, and violence in human nature. Written in 2000, Far Away is a spellbinding fable which exposes the faces of brutality in nowadays societies. Told in a spare style of language and with an apocalyptic undertone, the play portrayed an unhinged world that bears dreadful resemblance to the disputes and disasters broke out in recent years over the world.

God is a DJ

Written by Falk Richter; Directed Chan Chi-wah

A professional DJ meets a former trash-TV presenter and they start to make their own reality shows in a bedroom. Since 2006, Falk Richter has been the director-in-residence at the Schaubuhne, Berlin. His subjects range from the lost identities of the people and their inability to communicate by loneliness and isolation of the confused world of media, to war and politics. God is a DJ offers a fierce commentary to the mediatization of everyday life nowadays.

Venue: Cattle Depot Theatre

Director: Vee Leong, Chan Chi-wah

photo: Yuen Hon-wai