I Perform


Theatre Training & Research Programme (TTRP) in Singapore, founded by the late Kuo Pao-kun and Mr. T. Sasitharan in 2000, is a pioneer in intercultural theatre training. The bilateral cultural exchange between the school and On & On facilitates collaboration of the two organizations in theatre training and research.

TTRP in Hong Kong: TTRP celebrates the school’s achievement by bringing five unique pieces conceived and performed by its first graduating students of acting to Hong Kong in the showcase I Perform, displaying young force of inspiration and commitment to theatre arts. Accompanying programmes include seminars and workshops by the Dean and instructors of TTRP about the theories and practices of Asian traditional and contemporary theatre training.

On & On in Singapore: Reciprocally, On & On shares their unique views on theatre aesthetics with the Singaporean audience by staging Fisher King 3 – Awakening in the lion city. Artistic Director Chan Ping-chiu also holds a seminar entitled My Artistic Pursuit.

Date: 27-29/11/2004

Venue: Cattle Depot Theatre

DIrector / Playwright / Performer: Mohamed Kunji Noushad, Leung Hiu-tuen, Xiao Jian, Au Mong-chao, Hung Pei-ching

Olivia Chan