Open Working Rehearsal - Oedipus Rex


A month-long theatre training workshop led by renowned Australian director and facilitator Robert Draffin filled the Cattle Depot Theatre with promising local performers in search of development and refinement of performing skills. With almost four decades of creative experience, Draffin came to On and On Theatre Workshop in 2007 after his successful residency in Shanghai. He conducted a comprehensive and intensive workshop series which focused on the foundation practices, conceptual practices and poetic research practices of performers, culminating in a showcase of Ted Hughes' Oedipus by members of the workshop, including open rehearsals and presentations.

Date: 5-7/10/2007

Venue: Cattle Depot Theatre

Moderators and Directors: Robert Draffin, Mary Sitarenos

Moderator Assistants: Paul Robertson, Claire Nicholls

Original text by Ted Hughes