Musicality and Cheironomia


For the first time in Hong Kong, local actors and audiences were given the opportunity to come to a closer encounter with Gardzienice, Centre for Theatre Practices in Poland, and its Artistic Director Wlodzimierz Staniewski, in Cultural Interchange: Acting Master Visiting HK. Being one of the world's premier experimental theatre companies and masters, the group and Staniewsi conducted open lecture, master class and public presentation in the Cattle Depot Theatre, focusing the whole of Gardzience's activity in the fields of art, anthropology and ecology, as well as the studies and method of work on Ancient Greek theatre and music. A seminar by theatre practitioners from Hong Kong and Taiwan that followed continued the discussion about the application of western theatre training in the Asian context.

Date: 10-15/3/2008

Venue: Cattle Depot Theatre, Recital Hall, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

photo: Yuen Hon-wai

seminarOlivia Chan