Cattle Depot Artist Village

Cattle Depot Theatre


Cattle Depot Theatre is located at the Cattle Depot Artist Village in Tokwawan. Now popularly known as Cattle Depot, the site was the only surviving pre-war animal quarantine depot in Hong Kong. Comprised with red-brick blocks and tiled roofs, Cattle Depot, built in 1908 is a Grade II historic building listed by the Antiquities Advisory Board for its rare style of early Hong Kong farm buildings.

Converted from one of the heritage blocks, Cattle Deport Theatre retains the unique features of the site including the red-brick walls and the pitched roof. The pure and unadorned nature of the space has made Cattle Depot Theatre a black box theatre of an incomparable vibe.

What have been imprinted onto this theatre space are the many artistic endeavours of the past two decades: editions of youth theatre gala, spatial experiments, performance art, play reading marathon, the first commissioned “little theatre” programme of Hong Kong Arts Festival, workshops and tours led by overseas masters; not to mention the different episodes of fire breathing, swimming, sand pool building, high wire acts, pulling down a wall, and other attempts to break the rules in theatre. Together with a wealth of award-winning On&On titles, the space has been the incubator of exceptional creativity.