2013 International Theatre Conference: New Writing and Theatre of the 21st Century


Part of the "Contemporary Writing for Theatre 2012-2014", an international conference was held to encourage exchange between Europe and the Chinese theatre circle. New Writing and Theatre of the 21st Century is an experience sharing, research and networking platform for Chinese theatre makers to meet expertise from local and abroad. Alongside the Conference there are also such side events as play reading gala, masterclass, and seminars.

Guest speakers of the Conference include:

Prof. Dan Rebellato (U.K.) - (Head of Department of Theatre and Drama, The University of London, Royal Holloway)

Prof. Lily Yang (Taiwan) - (Renowned Theatre Scholar, Associate Professor, National Tsing Hua University, Taipei)

Lin Gwan-wu (Taiwan) - (Renowned Theatre Scholar, Freie Universität Berlin)

Keng Yi-wei (Taiwan) - (Artistic Director, Taipei Arts Festival)

Cao Ke-fei (Beijing) - (Renowned Beijing-Switzerland Director)

Date: 11-16/12/2013

Venue: The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center, Cattle Depot Theatre

photo: Cheung Chi-wai

seminarOlivia Chan